• Seekers from Zantaparon, a novel, published by Northwest Publishing Company.

  • To Destroy You is No Loss, a stage play:  Dramatic Publishing Company.

  • To Destroy You is No Loss, a screenplay, optioned by Sub Rosa Productions.

  • Zantaparon, a screenplay, optioned by Sub Rosa Productions.

  • Inclusion, an article published by Johns Hopkins University.

  • Building Bridges, a book chapter: Bamboo and Bridges, East/West Publications.

  • Multi-Cultural Education Document:  Davis Joint Unified School District.

  • Network-aired Proposition "98" Commercial:  The California Teacher's Association.

  • How We Did It, an article:  Action Magazine, California Teachers Association.

  • You Are What You Think, Part of a series: Association  of Unity Churches.

  • David's  Difference, an article:  Homelife Magazine.

  • You Love Who You Grow Up With, a slide tape production featuring Madeline Hunter:  The University of California, Davis/The Davis Joint Unified School District.

  • CTY  (California Gifted and Talented Youth)  Keynote Speaker.

  • Why the Lion Roars, a play:  Plays Inc.

  • Our Children, a weekly column: The Davis Enterprise, Davis, California.

  • Merry-Go-Round-Go-Round, an award winning radio play:  San Diego State University

Aschenputtel (adaptation),  Alice (adaptation),Masks, Seekers, Spell of the Beast, The Emperor's New Clothes  (adaptation), Wizard,  Seeds,  Ugly Duckling  (adaptation), Pan (adaptation),  Scrooge (adaptation), Seekers from Zantaparon, Star Child, Snowdrop,  Alice in Wonderland  (adaptation), The Rainbow Maker  (written as an opening for the international Anne Frank exhibit),  
Nandaa (adaptation of an East Indian Tale), A Star Fell, Little Wolf, Circle of Life  (written in colloboration with a Cheyene storyteller),  To  Destroy You is No Loss  (based on the true story of a Cambodian teenager who survived the Khmer  Rouge regime).

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